Risk-free extraction of flammable liquids

Extraction of flammable liquids is no longer a dangerous job thanks to Delfin 802W AIREX 1-2G.

A single spark can be the difference between life and death. The standard single-phase wet/dry cleaners, as we know them from tool shops and professional cleaning jobs, are all equipped with electric motors that create sparks. Imagine a combustible liquid (gas) from the container encounters with a spark from the engine. Or that you extract a metal object that meets the inside of the container at high speed: Spark!

All work processes should be done without risk to the persons performing the work. Delfin 802W AIREX 1-2G makes your workplace safe.

Do you know about ATEX? In short, ATEX is summarized by two European directives that prescribe how you work in areas where a potential explosion could occur. There is a personal directive and an equipment directive. Delfin 802W AIREX 1-2G is certified to work with flammable liquids in gas zones 1 (medium risk) and 2 (low risk). Inside the vacuum cleaner, where the concentration of combustible liquids and gases is high, the vacuum cleaner is certified to zone 0, which is the zone of highest risk.

We do not use personal protective equipment such as masks, gloves and glasses to look smart. It's about protecting you. Therefore, you should use certified and statutory machinery suitable for hazardous tasks.

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Attention! You get a free accessory kit when you purchase your Delfin 802W AIREX 1-2g. Value € 498. Use discount code 802-safe when checking out.

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