Polijet DF

Polijet DF extraction table with cartridge filter system and fan

The Polijet DF work table from Italian Coral is ingeniously designed so that the operator can focus on his work instead of safety. everything has been thought of and in addition to what is included as standard, a wide range of options can be provided.

Working width up to 2.5 mtr allows working with large items. Working depth 87 cm.

Extra strong and strong quality. The table is designed so that smoke and gases are sucked away from the operator.

Work environment and safety are always on top with the strong solutions from Coral.

As standard, the tables are supplied with a suction back wall, replaceable suction table tops in fields, integrated spark arrestor, collection capacity, pneumatic cleaning system of horizontal filter cartridges with automatic control and galvanized design.

3 models - 3 sizes:

Polijet DF 1500 | working width 1.5 m | 2.2 kW | 3,800 m3/h | 33 m2 filter area
Polijet DF 2000 | Working width 2.0 m | 3.0 kW | 4,800 m3/h | 55 m2 filter area
Polijet DF 2500 | Working width 2.5 m | 4.0 kW | 5,800 m3/h | 66 m2 filter area

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