Who are we?

Our business

Particulair is a traditional engineering and trading company specialized in extraction systems, industrial vacuum cleaner solutions, pneumatic conveying and acoustics. We cover some of the most critical areas of industrial production and assist our customers with consulting, design, delivery and servicing of systems ranging from small to big and complex.


You can’t be a specialist in everything. We can’t. But with solid basic knowledge and expertise in our field, we know where to go. This, combined with our large network of component suppliers, machine manufacturers, developers and specialists, gives you the best cards when you’re doing investments in your business.

We have achieved many tasks and continue to do so. Employees at Particulair have been working on industrial vacuum cleaner solutions, local exhaust ventilation, extraction and conveying systems for the biggest companies in Europe since 1991. Our working field extends over a wide range of industries, but for many years we’ve been very much focused on industries that use stainless steel components, such as pharmaceutical, food and energy sectors, including offshore, wind turbine manufacturers and power plants.

Hoses, pipes and spare parts

One of our focus areas is wear parts for the industry. It covers among others hoses, piping products, flow relief products, valves and all the parts you need to keep your production running.


In addition to our direct cooperation and problem-solving for end customers, we develop and supply special OEM solutions for machinery manufacturers. It will usually be an extraction system provided by us and installed at the machine manufacturer's site as an integral part of their whole system. This business is important to us for several reasons: it gives us the unique opportunity to get involved, at an even earlier stage, in the development of many different types of process machinery. A knowhow that we actively use in projects for our end users.

Advice and cooperation

We help our customers on a daily basis with problems concerning ATEX, environment, high filtration and compliance to directives, norms and standards. But most important in this process is the cooperation between us and our customers. We see it as an interaction between two close partners and believe it is essential for a perfect result, that both parties offer and engage in. Without your knowledge of your business, we will not get far. Without our knowledge, opportunities and solutions your project is likely to come to a standstill.

Where we work

At Particulair we are active all over Europe. With a solid base in Scandinavia, we’re getting more and more customers in the rest of the continent, that we see as our primary market. With tools and common norms, standards and directives, we now find it easy to get involved in projects throughout Europe.