Evolution No-Smoke

EVOLUTION: the Evolution no-smoke self-supporting suction arm represents the best technical solution for the suction of welding smoke, gas, vapours, aerosol, oil fumes, dust, etc.




Evolution no-smoke has been designed and constructed in full compliance with current laws relating to the safety of the place of work and the removal of hazardous fumes and polluting substances from the working environment.




The polluted air is sucked in through the jointed hood and passes through pipes made of sturdy sheet metal (zinc-plated, inox, scratchproof enamelled, aluminium) to the high-efficiency fan or to the system’s central piping system, and from here to the filtering unit used in the specific applications. The pipes and the hood of the Evolution no-smoke are coupled together by special external articulated joints that we have patented, and a high resistance flexible pipe NO-SMOKE FLEX which allows easy and convenient movement of the arm. The Evolution no-smoke arm is also equipped with a rotary bearing which enables rotation through even 360° if installed on its special stand. The flow of polluted air that passes through the suction duct created in the arm, is not, therefore, hindered by internal joints or articulations. Due to the reduced length of the hose used in the elbows, load losses are far lower than with other similar systems on the market. Less load loss means: lower fan power, hence energy saving; lower airflow speed, hence less noise.




The extraction of hazardous fumes from the working environment during the Winter months, lowers heavily their temperature. The Evolution No-Smoke suction arm represents the ideal solution to this drawback as, thanks to the built-in adjustment shutter, it is possible to meter the amount of air to be taken in.


It’s also possible to filter the polluted air using special optional filters supplied as accessories and recycle it back to the environment completely free of pollutants.

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