BS exhaust benches are used for welding, trimming, grinding and smoothing operations in the wood, marble, metal, mechanical, foundry industries etc., and in the aspiration of solvent vapours.


Two versions: BS has included a fan and BS/S is delivered without the fan.


The careful study of the exhaust slots in our benches allows full fume and toxic dust aspiration as they arise before they are breathed in by operators, causing lung damage.


The BS bench is constructed from a series of bolted and appropriately sized panels so as to make a robust structure that can withstand uniformly distributed loads of up to 350 kg/m2. The use of galvanized sheet metal also prevents the continuous treatment of the surfaces following use or their deterioration as normally occurs with painted benches. The internal housing of the fan allows the overall dimensions of the BS bench to be reduced, making it more compact.


The work surfaces and the front suction walls are extractable to allow inside inspection and enable large-size parts to be placed on the bench. Slag and heavy dust from operations are deposited inside the bench and are easily removed using the extractable collection tray at the bottom of the bench.


The benches ergonomic design allows it to be used in the most suitable position for carrying out the operation.


Maximum Aspiration: Although at a high level, the exhaust capacity of the BS bench does not affect welding operations, nor does it cause draught phenomenons since air is aspirated in a uniform manner.


BS + Evolution No-Smoke Arm: When dust or toxic gases need to be removed from particulair heavy or cumbersome parts, unsuitable to be placed on the bench, the BS model can be fitted, using a side application, with our self-supporting articulated Evolution No-Smoke suction arms which allows aspiration within a radius of approximately 4 meters of the bench. A special air-lock allows the exclusion of the bench when the arm is working and vice versa.

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