Poliwood is specially designed for the wood products industry. It is an extra strong and robust work table that has been developed to be connected to an external extraction system. Inside, the Poliwood is designed so that shavings and dust are pulled towards the bottom and easily sucked away.


Like all Coral work and extraction tables, Poliwood is designed for ergonomics and work safety.


Poliwood is available in three widths from 1.5 mtr. to 2.5 mtr. The working depth is 1 mtr.


The Poliwood worktable can be easily extended with the two side plates. It allows having a table width of up to 3.5 meters. It is an extension of the width by approx. 1 meter. This extension can be obtained on all three table sizes.


In addition to being able to extend its working width, Poliwood can also be supplied with a suction back wall, skylights, scratch-free table panels and side panels.

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