Risk-free extraction

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Risk-free extraction

Risk-free Extraction

The certified Evolution No-Smoke ATEX suction arms protect you and your workplace from explosions and fires.

It's all about avoiding accidents. Nothing else. Everyone has seen sparks from the welding work fly around the ears of the blacksmith. Now add an explosive gas that is sucked into the exhaust hose, where it is compressed and the concentration is increased. Bum, yes, it can happen. Because there is a risk that a spark may form inside the suction arm and that it may ignite the flammable and explosive atmosphere.

But not with Evolution No-Smoke ATEX extraction arms designed and certified in accordance with Machinery Directive 98/37 / EC and ATEX Directive 94/9 / EC: CE Ex II 2 G / D, ATEX Zone 21, 1 and with dust classified St3. With these suction arms, the blacksmith, the operator, and everyone else are secured against the accident.

Remember that your exhaust pipes and any filter must also be secured against ignition sources (sparks). Your pipes should be made of stainless steel and your filter must have an ATEX certification that corresponds to what you are sucking out. If you need help and advice, we are of course at your disposal.


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