Customized connection for axis misalignment

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Customized connection for axis misalignment

Customized connection for axis misalignment: the solution that facilitates product flow and guarantees adequate cleaning operations


This is one of our customer’s cases, a company specialising in producing active compounds (from in vitro plant cultures 100% natural) for nutrition, personal care, pharmaceutical and farm care sectors.


This customer contacted us to request an efficient solution in order to connect a vibrating sieve to a tank located in misaligned position with respect to each other, in a particularly narrow area of ​​his plant. The transition product used is a pharmaceutical preparation with dense consistency.


Critical Issue description

  • Dense dust tended to clog due to the narrow space curvature
  • Cleaning operations became difficult and time-consuming, being also necessary to disassemble/assemble the entire set every time
  • This situation also generated a high risk of product contamination

Technical Feasibility Study

Technical feasibility involved evaluation of the reduced space dimensions and the misaligned elements to be connected to each other there. Several analyses were carried out based on the idea of ​​testing different sizes and materials models.


SteriValves' Solution
It was designed and manufactured a customized connection composed of two parts:
  • A flexible and slightly compressible part, made of non-toxic translucent FDA silicone. This connection was placed in the upper part to compensate the minimum overpressure caused by the vibrating sieve.
  • A second part in AISI 316L stainless steel was placed in the lower part.

Both units were connected through a quick release system, that is, through a clamp that allows a fast and easy disassemble.



Customized connection offered by SteriValves allowed the customer to:
Reduce maintenance time and costs
Disassemble only partially the structure when needed
Facilitate cleaning operations
Safeguard the quality of the product

What is the customer opinion?

“The benefits we received are many. First of all, easier and faster assembly rather than in the past. Besides, the possibility of washing and autoclaving the components facilitates cleaning and keeps the product intact, without risk of contamination. Being a semi-rigid modular component, it no longer tends to become clogged when the product comes out of the vibrating sieve, as happened in the past. The product now flows smoothly“


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